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the president calls very significant in relief and also the three government chos have done a great job on the storm. >> i'm glad you brought up the fact that this was the old congress. but i want to play for our audience something you said during that initial debate with old congress and then i'll ask you about it. >> this is a total, total disaster in helping those people that we are purposely saying today in uponity if i indicate building we're helping them, isn't that wonderful. what's our jobs? we're not doing anybody any favors. that's why we are september here. try it once in a while. democracy. you may like it. >> pretty good stuff. an impassioned plea and yet still 67% of your compatriots still voted no to that package. do you have a lot of faith this this new portion will pass? >> we've been working through yesterday and last night through the rules committee. we're 90 amendments, many to distract us from what we should be doing. our responsibility is to keep those in deep need, regardless whether happens in florida, whether it happens in the plains in the west, mid jersey, th
and citizen from kenya. minutes ago the irish governmented aed to that saying one of its nationals have been freed which brings the total to five being freed. we are getting very sketchy reporting out of this area that some of the hostages that were taken may have in fact been killed. militants seen here in this web video seized dozens of hostages yesterday, including the americans, british, japanese, algerians among them as well. news reports in the region say they are demanding an end to the french military operation in mali. that's neighboring mali and also safe passage to neighboring libya. it is a very complex situation playing out in northern africa. our barbara starr is covering the developments at the pentagon. so without getting into the int indicates of mali, give us an idea of what is happening in algeria, barbara. >> well, u.s. officials have told us for the last two days now the information is sketchy, as you just said. right now the algerian operation, it is believed continues to be under way. defense secretary leon panetta has said he believes there are as many as seven americ
is, these groups operate in areas where there is no central government control. you're talking about countries such as libya that have gone through their revolutions, but in algeria, for instance, this is a huge portion of the sahara desert. you don't have local authority there. you don't have security forces there. these al qaeda militants are able to operate with impunity and make a lot of. with these criminal operations. >> to give the primmer on mali, for those who follow developments there, this has been an extraordinary year for that country. effectively. you'll have to correct me if i'm wrong here, effectively the northern part of mali is completely out of the control of what should be the central government and is effectively in control of al qaeda-associated militan militants? >> right. and why did the french come in now into mali? you might wonder why a country like france would send hundreds and soon thousands of ground troops to that country to try to battle islamist rebels when this is the kind of operation that could end up costing france quite a lot, not just in terms
on the disgrace, the fall of lance armstrong. >>> also following international stories. pakistan's government under fire on two fronts. first the supreme court ordered the arrest of the country's prime minister, number of officials over corruption allegations. the second, you've got protesters they have filled streets of the capital in islamabad. they are on the main boulevard leading up to the president's residence, the national assembly and the supreme court led by a muslim cleric, thousands of people are calling for pakistan's leaders to be thrown out in favor of a caretaker government. i want to bring in and get more from sima. if you could, explain to us why the unrest in pakistan now? why do they want the prime minister to step down? >> reporter: well, suzanne, this is an embattled government right now, seemingly out of nowhere the protests erupted the muslim cleric from canada returned to pakistan calling for a million man march and on the same day the supreme court, which had been looking into allegations of kickbacks regarding two years ago in 2011 now has ordered the government forc
these great people to this day's fantastic events. >> a president who says government can help improve the lives of everyday americans. president barack obama fits that description and so does fdr, franklin delano roosevelt. let's bringing in personal historian doug brinkley to talk more about this. you've said fdr has been on your mind a lot as we countdown to the second inauguration. tell us why. >> in 1933 in march when fdr famously said we have nothing to fear but fear itself, that's because we were in the great depression. people were really worried what was going to happen. due to the new deal, due to the first 100 days, the fdr created the ccc and tva and the alphabet the soup of the new deal. we started getting out of the great depression. but by the time he gave his second inaugural in 1937, we were still in it. similar to president obama, he inherited the great recession, was able to do t.a.r.p. and all of this. won re-election, yet, there are still millions of americans living in the poverty and the middle class is still struggling. you've got watch that you're not triumphan
with the economy, social issues and government spending. she'll have four more years in her high profile position as first lady and agenda, all while making a fashion statement doing it. it sounds so shallow, doesn't it? pulitzer prize winning journalist robyn jiovan, good morning. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> it always sounds so silly when you talk about the first lady's fashion but there is meaning behind it. please expound on that. >> yes, you know, i think it's one of the things that frustrates people within the fashion industry and probably a good deal of people who cover it. there seems t be this idea that these dresses, these suits that people wear and that they buy somehow just sort of drop out of the sky, that they're made by elves or something. we're talking about a $350 billion industry, an industry made up of a tremendous number of small businesses who, that employ actual live people. so to have a conversation about the impact of a first lady really underscoring the american fashion industry is really a conversation about a first lady who is celebrating american busin
. we don't live in isolation. we live in a society. a government of and by and for the people. we are responsible for each other. the right to worship freely and safely, that right was denied to sikhs in oak creek, wisconsin. the right to assemble peacefully, that right was denied shoppers in clackamus, oregon, and moviegoers in aurora, colorado. that most fundamental set of rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, fundamental rights that were denied to college students at virginia tech. and high school students at columbine. and elementary school students in newtown. and kids on street corners in chicago, on too frequent a basis to tolerate. and all the families who've never imagined that they'd lose a loved one to a bullet. those rights are at stake. we're responsible. and when i visited newtown hat month, i spent some private time with many of the families who lost their children that day, and one was the family of grace mcdonnell. grace's parents are here. grace was 7 years old when she was struck down. just a gorgeous, caring, joyful little girl. i'm told she lov
details to provide to you. reports of loss of life and are seeking clarity from the government of algeria. >> we are learning more. the state department telling us these terrorists are armed with ak-47s and some are wearing explosive vests. these are suicide vests. they have reportedly been put on the hostages there. for more on this we go to jim clancy. so many moving parts and details from the story today. what do we know? >> a lot more questions than answers. i kwish there were good news, but it's an uncertain situation. the press service is telling us the two britains, a kenyan from a french man have been freed in this algerian operation. an irishman is freed. talk to his parents. other than that the details are sketchy. what appears to have happened here is that the man in charge of operation and the gunman on the ground attempted to move their hostages. they didn't want to be caught in the oil facility, that gas facility. they tried to move the hostages to the south and they were in a convoy they e trying to get out and there widespread reports that the hostages have been killed. i
that government and their military forces are making it clear they don't want outside help, might be pretty hard for the u.s. to live up to that promise at least for the moment. ashleigh? >> well, you know, barbara, we're four month from september 11th, we're in next door libya we still don't have an arrest of said terrorists who dared to do what they did to us, kill our ambassador and take out others who were serving in the mission there, so i love that tough talk. but, please, really, can we? >> yeah. no, i think you have actually just hit on it. everyone is now very anxious to say that north africa, mali, algeria, tunisia, libya, egypt, all of this is the new front for al qaeda, safe havens, the war on terror. a lot of words being thrown around, ashleigh, but action on the ground, being able to put military force into there and hunt down these north african al qaeda leaders and the cells of al qaeda, that's another thing. a lot of these countries are not anxious for outside force, for outside help, you know, in mali right now the people are very -- want the french there because they're pushin
they do that? are there checks and balances? >> the government and the private companies are blaming each other. venezuela is pointing fingers everywhere. we have the government that is blaming the private companies of hoarding the products to destabilize the country and possibly provoke a coup because of what is happening. >> a coup? >> yes. but then we have the private companies in the position that are blaming the government for not providing a stable capital control and limiting the dollars to venezuelans and other companies so they could purchase out of venezuela. >> is this nationwide? is this just caracas? >> it is mostly happening in caracas, but it is also throughout the whole country. it has a lot to do with inflation. but also there is something we have to talk about which is the price regulation that the government created last year. let me show you an example. talk about milk production. milk producers, they can only receive 3.6, equal to 84 cents, where leader once selling their milk. however, the cost of production, it is 4.13. which is 96 cents. so on average milk producer
for the rest that are being held hostage. >>> the president is in constant contact with the algerian government, he's getting regular updates about that hostage situation. in london today leon panetta had warnings for those who are taking hostages. >> warnings should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary, no refuge, not in algeria, not in north africa, anywhere. those who would wantonly attack our country and our people have no place to hide. >> we just heard from secretary panetta about this warning that he is giving, but essentially what is it that the united states is doing about that? >> well, they and the british government have said sort of diplomatic rapid reaction forces to algeria, essentially to support the hostages that have been released, people that are trained in trauma and counseling and you can expedite things like passports that may be lost in the firefight and the chaos that ensued. but they haven't really been given access directly to the sites. this british plane anyway has gone to an airfield, that's about 250 kilometers north of the gas field. so they're being kept
contact with the algerian government about all of this, but still the u.s. and at least seven or eight other nations trying to work out exactly what happened, the fate of their citizens who were there, what the algerian government did and who exactly was behind this attack. this is now one of the key questions for the united states and intelligence services around the world. if this was al qaeda in north africa, which almost everyone seems to accept, it was -- what does this mean? is this a new front on the war on terror? this was by all accounts a very well-planned attack. they were heavily armed and moved several hundred into the algerian desert. this just didn't happen. who is behind all of it and what is the current threat they now pose. randi? >> algerian special forces took a whole lot of heat on thurz sd for launching the first attack to end this crisis. what are they saying about yesterday's attack now? >> you are absolutely right. how swiftly and violently the algerian forces cracked down on all of this. no question about it. the united states, britain, western allies who had
of my party who think that this is not a proper function of the government. i happen to disagree. i've lived through hurricanes and floods myself, i think this is a proper and appropriate function of the government. my difficulty with it, it is simply not paid for, we're borrowing this additional money to do this and i just think that's wrong. >> what his amendment would do would cut $17 billion in spending across the board in every sector of the government including defense, including vets. i was talking to somebody on capitol hill who said that amount of money is the entire operating budget, akin to the entire operating budget of the agriculture department. we do not think it will pass but it really gives a sense of why the speaker got himself in so much trouble by pulling this before the night of new year's day, because of this very reason, he knew there were a number of republicans who were very upset about passing any new government spending without cutting it elsewhere and it's going to play out on the house floor today. >> we're going to talk more about this later. dana bash
government that is very, very sensitive on the subject of terrorism. it fought a brutal, with a capital b, civil war during the 1990s and 50,000 to 200,000 people were killed. violence all across the country fighting the armed islamic group and the -- another islamic group in the country. so it is very sensitive. doesn't want to negotiate at all. but we understand that it is giving in to japanese as well as american pressure and saying we're trying to talk to them. the americans and japanese are saying put the lives of the hostages first. >> the real question, which i know you don't have an answer to is the why. why do they do this? we talked about the fact that this facility, there were a lot of western -- >> that's your answer too. there are a lot of westerns there. money could have been -- it may have been planned for monetary purposes because a lot of people think this wasn't just put up in the last week. this was well planned over a period of time. but it was executed over the last week. and there is a lot of security forces in the area, people there to protect those workers, but obv
if the scandal implicating top cycling officials inside the international cycling union, the sports' governing body. more on armstrong's latest trouble in a live report from austin, texas. >>> to another developing story this morning in north africa, in algeria, where the fate of several americans remains unknown. they were taken hostage yesterday during an attack by islamic militants. happened at a gas field owned partly by bp. two people have been killed, and there are reports this morning that some of those hostages have escaped. defense secretary leanne pa net leon panetta not mincing words. >> by all indication this is is a terrorist act and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage along with others. >> cnn's dan rivers is in london. dan, there are so many different stories going around that the compound was attacked by the algerian military, that some of the hostages escaped, including one american. what are you hearing? >> well, i'm afraid it is a very confusing picture. the latest line we have from t
to govern gun purchases. president also says he wants a law to limit ammunition magazines to a maximum of ten rounds. and perhaps the most controversial here, the president is asking for a nationwide ban on military style rifles known as assault weapons. as an example of the resistance the president is certainly bound to face here, today the national rifle association released this video ad that drags the president's own daughters into the gun debate here. the president said today, he cannot fight this one alone. >> if parents and teachers, police officers and pastors, if hunters and sports men, if responsible gun owners, if americans of every background stand up and say enough, we suffered too much pain, and care too much about our children to allow this to continue, then change will come. >> but what about the constitution? what about the second amendment? a lot of folks i know are asking and the president had an answer for that. >> as americans we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights to no man or government can take away from us. but we also have long recognize
reports from the algerian government that at least 23 foreign hostages and dozens of their captors have been killed. it's still not clear how many americans may have been held at the facility. >> with regard to the numbers of americans, we are still trying to get accurate information about just exactly how many americans were located there, and exactly what happened to them. >> we're going to get live to the state department in just a moment. but back here in washington, the president and the vice president recognized today is a national day of service, leading up to the martin luther king holiday. the president and the first lady showed up at the burrville elementary school in washington to help in some service projects as a way to celebrate the life of a civil rights leader. >> the fact that we've got some outstanding young people here today, i want to say thank you to the parents for showing early on to all our young people how gratifying and how fulfilling this is. this is really what america is about. this is what we celebrate. >> the vice president and his family also volunteered,
that the focus of the government should be coming up with a pathway towards citizenship. you can see the numbers right there. 53 to 43 who say, no, just support them and stop more from coming in. but what are the president's plans at this point that we know of with regard to a pathway to citizenship if he thinks there is one? >> reporter: well, i think first of all the president wants comprehensive immigration reform, and he sort of ticked off some of the items that would be part of that, such as making a stronger border security, making sure that employers who hire undocumented workers are penalized, but also a pathway to citizenship for some of those law abiding -- otherwise law abiding illegal immigrants in this country. so he's looking at sort of this overall comprehensive package, and the president and his advisors feel like they could make some movement on it in the second term. why? well, you look at who supported the president in the 2012 election. he got more than 70% of the hispanic votes. republicans realize that and you're starting to hear sort of this warming up to the idea to do so
know, what we're hearing is that the algerians couldn't coordinate with any of the foreign governments that had hostages on the ground. it's not all that surprising. it's not the way you want it to go if you're the american president or the british prime minister, but they acted very quickly, very swiftly, and very strongly with the lots of force. you know, you worry, that's the first question that comes to mind of those unaccounted for. there will be those who were killed in this operation, you know, not just bad guys, but inevitably when you launch this kind of military assault with this many people involved, you they never came. and for most of my career, there wasn't that much of that, two things changed. >> there wasn't that much of what? >> there wasn't that much out of competition testing. so you're not going to get caught, you know? because you're clean at the races. >> coming up you'll hear more from lance armstrong including how doping impacted his role as head of the tour de france team. >>> police in philadelphia arrest a man they say attacked a woman on a subway station an
of these folks killed in the midst of all of this. are officials defending themselves? is the government pushing back? any new information on the controversial way this all went down. >> reporter: the biggest sort of controversy, if you will, came when that convoy of five vehicles left the gas facility, being driven away by the jihadists, hostages on board vehicles, four vehicles were destroyed, we understand the hostages inside killed as well. a couple of hostages able to escape. the way the prime minister put it we saw the vehicles leaving some of them overturned and burst into flames but it does seem that the security forces there did attack that convoy. but they may have had good reason, because what we have learned from security sources is that convoy was due to take those hostages out of al gearia, they were to be used as bargaining chips, if you will, by the jihadists to stop any further attacks on the gas facility so they could continue to hole out there and perhaps damage it and as well use these as hostages as these al qaeda linked jihadists had in the region, try to make money out of
of a federal government default in the next few weeks has come up significantly. house republican leaders have agreed to vote next week to extend the debt limit four months. this is a big reversal from their earlier position to delay the debate. but there is a catch. both the house and senate must pass a budget before the extension expires. and if they don't, guess what? congress won't get paid. that would be part of the bill. >>> overseas now, major news happening in algeria where seven hostages and 11 kidnappers are reported dead this morning as the hostage crisis enters its fourth day. algerian special forces had been trying to secure the release of an unknown number of people, including americans being held at this gas plant by an al qaeda-linked terror group. algerian state tv says the gunmen had been planning to take the hostages to mali. >>> we're still talking about the flu. it's now killed more than nine children in the past week. that makes 29 pediatric deaths this season. the number of elderly people hospitalized with flu-like illnesses has also spiked. that's according to the cente
in the "washington post" that said it's really -- it's not the federal government running the atf, it's the nra. would you agree with that? >> no, i don't think the nra is running atf. i think they have a say in who will run it, and quite frankly, having acting people rotate through every year or every two years, no one's running it. we're fortunate that career people, the civil service employees of atf, are the stable force in that agency. they've been able to keep the lid on things and trying to keep people on mission, but, again, they need a leader. they need somebody's who's connected to the administration who can stand out front and deal with the issues so they can go out and fight violent crime. >> and i know many people are saying what happened about in the atf, it's a messedup organization, maybe it doesn't need to be run by the government. >> well, again, "fast and furious" obviously people made mistakes, but quite frankly i think a lot of them were honest mistakes. people were trying to stop the flow of guns into mexico. they had tried a number of different tactics. quite frankly they
with the algerian government, but still trying to, "gain a fuller understanding of what exactly happened there and what the situation is now." that's really where it stands. still trying to determine from the algerians what transpired. they cracked down on these terrorists very quickly. the loss of the hostages' lives. but this is something that the algerians clearly wanted something to make clear. they were going to handle themselves and they handled it as they saw fit. randi? >> but they're certainly getting a lot of criticism coming out yesterday for trying to launch this attack to try to end it. what are the rest of the world and the leaders saying about this assault and how it all went down? >> that is exactly the question. publicly they are saying that absolutely the violence was the result of the attack by this group of militants, but right now what this poses for intelligence services around the world and especially for the u.s. is a very crucial question. al qaeda in north africa. if they were responsible for this, as they claim, is this a new front in al qaeda's war against the
cliff where he and mitch mcconnell negotiated a deal essentially to keep the government functioning, this is a very important person in this administration. >> he is. i thought there was a sweet moment. there was something about that, just seemed to work very well for everybody. and go back to candy's point, he is very comfortable with himself and i think the country is very comfortable with him, which is very important in a v you look at the approval ratings now, various people in washington, he just below president obama. and i think there's a sense in the country, jeffrey's point, that he is -- that he is a serious enough man, he has this warmth but also serious, so that something might happen to president obama, god forbid, that the country would be comfortable with having him as the commander in chief and as the president. >> yeah. you have no doubt that he is looking ahead to 2016? >> no. >> david, do you? >> no. no. >> jeffrey, do you? >> he is 70 years old. that's big factor. yes, he is looking ahead but i'm not sure the country would be ready for someone in their eighth dec
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)